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We are an active group of homeschooling moms in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The focus of this group are field trips, and building friendships with a strong sense of community. 

Inspirations - a brand new active social homeschool group in Fredericksburg, Virginia for moms!

Your social homeschool group!

INSPIRATIONS Homeschool Group was established in 2024! Our inspiration with this group is to cultivate a fun educational experience for children AND mothers on their homeschooling journey. We take local field trips, build relationships full of encouragement and share valuable resources regularly. 



It has been an amazing experience watching this homeschool community grow and the friendships made. Such a source of encouragement where moms can share resources, offer support, and speak life into one another all while meeting for fun and educational field trips with our children! I personally started homeschooling in 2018, graduated my oldest child in 2022, will graduate my second in 2025, and my youngest in 2035! We have moms in the group that are brand new to homeschooling and some serious homeschool “veterans” that have been on the path for decades! 

Lindsey Benitez, Director of Inspirations Homeschool Group

I am in many homeschool groups, but i really enjoy the Inspirations homeschool group the most. I feel the moms are very down to earth , field trips are affordable, and it's a space where moms can socialize too and be collaborative on fun events for our kiddos. The homeschool journey is not an easy one, so it really does take a village of people who can support you. I'm feel extremely comfortable and supported in the Inspirations homeschool group and look forward to continuing on being an Inspirations homeschool group mom. -Mercedees Delcid

Mercedees Delcid - Inspirations Homeschool Mom

Inspirations homeschool group of Fxbg!

Our group welcomes homeschoolers of all ages! 

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